Graph Models and Maximum Common Subgraph for Character Analysis

A criticism of current image-to-graph transformations, and an investigation within simple domains.

An investigation into graph models within computer vision—the project provides a criticism of existing general techniques reliant upon the Delaunay triangulation. I also propose and investigate techniques for modelling and recognition of characters, against several well-known handwritten datasets as well as a sampling of fonts. The attached paper constitutes my Masters dissertation.


WebRTC-powered peer-to-peer onion routing.

Shallot implements a basic decentralised onion routing scheme designed for use within browser applications, by using a modification of the Chord protocol as a backbone network and file-storage system. This is built upon the experimental WebRTC Data Channels recently added to browsers to offer true peer-to-peer connectivity between users. The system is compatible with both NodeJS and browser-based environments, relying upon one server node as an entry-point. Shallot was my Honours project—the above link directs to the project dissertation.


An experimental language for drawing animated graphics.

The end result of a team project, Sketch is a simple Swift-inspired programming language for drawing graphics and animations. Sketch is implemented as a JavaScript library, and is powered by an easy-to-use WebGL backend. Unfortunately, no documentation for the language’s current version is available—the implementation differs largely from the original design documents, although most language operations are shown in the test example.